Saturday, 27 August 2016

12 Must Try Burger Recipes for National Burger Day

Celebrating the National Burger Day with these 12 Must Try Burger Recipes, as the world gears up to celebrate their favorite fast food

12 Must Try Burger Recipes for National Burger Day via holiday knight recipes @ Burger recipes
Burgers the most celebrated fast food never fail to impress us, Be it holiday celebrations or just catching a bite at your local fast food center, they are just everywhere. And today it is all about the day of the delicious fully loaded buns - Yes the National Burger Day! that falls in last Thursday of August. It's about time we honor our favorite burgers on the very occasion of National Burger Day by picking one or more of our favorite burger recipes and grilling one up our-self. So fire up your grills and get ready to make some mouth watering burgers while experimenting with it's core made up of  beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and some secret condiments.

Friday, 5 June 2015

How to Make a DIY Monster Phone Charger (Father’s Day)

Childhood Monsters are back this Father's Day Celebration

How to make a diy monster phone charger for father's day gift via holidayknight Father's day gift ideas
The Monster is back to feed on your phones !
Remember the days when your father beat the monsters under your bed for you, weren't those days so cheerful and dreamy for both you and your amazing dad. But with time things became a bit boring as we saw less of these monsters and fears that bugged us when we were kids and also those monster high movies with adorable monsters trying to scare people made things a little bit less scarier for young kids. But hey how about bringing your childhood monsters back this Father’s days with this cute monster craft that is tech savvy and will constantly remind your supermom and superdad their superhero days of fighting monsters when you were a little kid. So what are we waiting for let’s get started with our DIY monster phone charger.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

How to Make Chocolate Oreo Mousse Pi Pie

Celebrating Pi Day with Mathematically delicious Chocolate Oreo Mousse π Pies

How to Make Chocolate Oreo Mousse pi (π) pies via pi day recipe by Rosanna Pansino
Pi day recipe of the century 3/14/15 
This Pi Day take your love for the magical mathematical constant pi (π) to the next level with delicious nerdy recipes featuring the PI's very own family of pies. Today on 3/14/15 the first five digits of the π (3.1415) will coincide with today's date, a phenomenon you will only watch once as the numbers will take nearly a 100 years to coincide again. The Pi day also happens to share the birthday with the genius Albert Einstein as well, making it a very special occasion for the world of science and mathematics. You might not be good at those subjects but this Pi day you can impress your teachers with delicious Chocolate Oreo Mousse Pi pies which comes with a twist of mathematical flavors of π and who knows might get your interested in maths as well just like the other nerds going gaga over it. Without any further adieu let's get started with our π day special recipe.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

How to Make Raspberry Hearts (Valentine's Day)

Celebrating this season of Love with divine Raspberry Hearts

How to Make Raspberry Hearts  for Valentine's Day  via holiday knight , Mini Raspberry heart cakes
we win hearts with our delicious raspberry flavors
The feast of Saint Valentine's day has always been an affair of delicious mouthwatering recipes which never fails to compliment this special day of love with romantic heartfelt flavors. While these recipes become the tools to show love, affection and friendship, one particular dessert recipe that has always made it to the list of top 10 recipes for Valentine's day is none other than the gorgeous heart shaped mini raspberry cakes drizzled with divine layers of honey and chocolate. These mini raspberry heart cakes are also known as the Raspberry hearts which is the original divine recipe behind all frozen desserts of raspberry heart cakes baked with lots of love. While one of the famous recipes originating from this recipe that is the raspberry chocolate hearts use chocolate as their main ingredient, the original recipe has a delightful creamy base which is loved by everyone and will surely win your loved one's heart. In this recipe tutorial you will learn how to make these raspberry hearts which you can customize further using your own experimental base layer and toppings.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

How to Make a Heart Shaped Pizza (Valentine's Day)

Winning hearts this Valentine's day with Heart Shaped Pizzas

How to Make Heart Shaped Pizza for Valentine's day via Holiday Knight hungry pizza recipes
Pizzas that can win any heart on Valentine's day
This Valentine's day do something special from your heart for your valentine with these delicious and easy to make heart shaped pizzas which are seasoned and baked with warmth of love. Haa! that sounded quite romantic but let's get to delicious part because romantic quotes don't always win the hearts of your loved ones especially when they are starving waiting for your special Valentine's day treat. These heart shaped pizzas are absolutely incredible and quite easy to make which never fail to mend a broken heart or accepting a love proposal.These heart pizzas even accompany the singles on Valentine's day as their valentine making everyone happy around the world as season of love brings heart warming chocolate recipes and great baked food to savor. In this recipe tutorial you will learn how to make these heart shaped pizzas which you can customize further using various toppings and pizza recipes of your choice.

Friday, 30 January 2015

How to Make Rainbow Chocolate Truffles (Valentines Day)

Celebrating Valentine's day with Rainbow colors of Chocolate Truffle

How to Make Rainbow Chocolate Truffles via holiday knight valentines day recipes
We hide the magic of rainbow inside us!
Valentine's day is here and you are probably looking for a delicious recipe to impress your loved ones as the season of love grips in. Well how about the chocolate truffles, the most gifted valentines day chocolate treat but with a twist of rainbow as we prepare to make the delicious rainbow chocolate truffles which look just like a normally decorated chocolate truffle but the real twist comes in when you take a bite and get lost in the delicious flavors of hidden rainbow colors which is apparently adopted from the famous rainbow chocolate cakes or cake pops and is also known as rainbow cake truffles. You probably thought of buying these chocolate treats from the local gift market on online but hey homemade chocolate truffles are always healthy and fresh and never fell to impress a loved ones especially when it's a recipe such as this one. These truffles are absolutely easy to make and will be over in no time besides that you get to decorate them based on your loved ones preference. :) ♥ These delicacies are loved by everyone including kids, mom and dad, girlfriend or boyfriend and partying family friends on various occasions like Christmas, Easter and Valentine's day, so let's get started.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Make Maleficent Candy Apples (Hallows' eve)

Celebrating Halloween with Dark Disney Characters of Maleficent

how to make halloween special maleficent candy apples via holiday knight with disney characters and treats
It's Halloween and everyone is looking for ways to make their Halloween costumes and treats a lot scarier than the previous year and in the process they are taking inspiration from dark Disney characters in choosing what they want to be and similarly the foodies too have taken the same path of glorifying Halloween treats into miniature Disney characters. If you ever went to the Disneyland you must have seen those mickey mouse candy apples, cake pops and similar items. Since this year Snow White's story was rebooted into epic dark fable featuring Angelina Jolie, these mickey treats have been reinvented into amazing Maleficent candy apples. So lovely Rosanna Pansino decided to do the same for Halloween on her show Nerdy Nummies in collaboration with Disney themed treats as she teaches how to make these delicious Maleficent candy apples and they turned out really great just like the one as Disneyland. So in case you are gearing up for a Disney themed party then this is a must have recipe for the Hallows' eve. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

How to Make Jack O' Lantern cake pops (hallows' eve)

Celebrating the Hallows' eve with amazing Jack O'Lantern cake pops

How to Make Halloween Jack O lantern cake pops (hallows' eve treats and recipes) via holiday knight
We were supposed to be spooky but turned adorable instead for kids
Talking of Halloween one can never forget about the beloved pumpkin carvings as they not only impress the hallows but also inspire other spooky recipes, treats and decorations which revolve around the common theme line of legendary Jack O' lanterns as they never fail to impress the guests especially kids who simply love the Jack O'lantern inspired treats. So today we have the amazing Jack O' lantern cake pops which are simply super easy to make and hardly requires any effort to put into. We all know cake pops are all seasoned treats which can be used both as a treat as well as for complimenting other festive timeline desserts and recipes with it's taste and spooky decor in case of hallows' eve inspired timeline of scary pumpkin faces with a touch of trick or treat. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

How to Make Halloween Brain Chicken Salad (Hallows' eve)

Celebrating Halloween with zombie special Brain Chicken Salad

How to make brain chicken salad for halloween treats via holiday knight
Brain Chicken Salad directly from the Zombie's Kitchen
Halloween is one of the best festivals that comes just once every year and lets your mind run wild to do crazier and scary stuffs which you wanted to do with your favorite Halloween costume or your new comic con dress, with the most happening thing in the hallows' town being everyone's favorite trick or treat followed by the delicious recipes disguised as disgusting foods just to impress the hallows. In the process of making the food look disgusting people end up adding to much artificial stuff making it a real hallow food indeed, not to forget people lose their half appetite the moment they see the spooky dish. So today we have the delicious brain chicken salad straight from the zombie kitchen which not only is their favorite food but is healthy as well considering the packed goodness of fruits and vegetables in the brain salad and also for once you can act like a real zombie (zombies love brains! :D)

Friday, 24 October 2014

How to Make Halloween Jello Brain Pumpkins (Hallows' eve)

Celebrating Halloween with Brains of the Orange Pumpkin

How to Make Halloween Jello Brain Pumpkins (hallows' eve) vvia holiday knight Halloween treats
Toasting on the Brains of the Orange Pumpkins
Talking of Halloween the very first thing that comes to ones mind is trick or treat and then the exciting pumpkin carving and lots of ghostly Halloween decorations and treats, not to forget these treats are really scary but quite delicious on the inside as everyone tries their best to make the appearances of these treat spooky and disgusting to impress the hallows. How about we combine all these things together? Yep today we have the delicious Halloween jello brain pumpkins which consists of carving an orange and disguising it as a pumpkin while filled with jello as people feast on its brains. The treat is quite easy to learn and will hardly take any time to make these simple jello brain pumpkin treats which are scary enough to disgust them while feasting on the brains of these jell-o-lanterns.